Does Vitamin D prevent corona infections?


After the coronavirus spread all over the world, various false information about it spread. And there is growing frustration among people around misinformation. It is very difficult to deal with such false information. So far, various methods have been suggested for the treatment of Kavid-19. Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, vitamin-D – each of these has been studied or is still being researched.

It is a common occurrence in the process of scientific research that – at first it was thought that such drugs could be effective in the treatment of such diseases – but after further research it is seen – it is not. But online things take a different look. These create confusion, and are then used to propagate conspiracy theories.

There may be some reasons to believe that vitamin D can be used effectively in the treatment or prevention of cavities. There is no doubt that vitamin D enhances human immunity. However, there is no evidence to date that high levels of vitamin D can prevent or treat the disease. However, this does not mean that the future will not change.

The study found:

Numerous studies have shown that there is a link between vitamin D and the consequences of covid infection. But these are the evidence from observation. This means a comparison of what happened to people with vitamin-D deficiency after being infected with cavities, as well as what happened to people with higher levels of vitamin D. But the other influencers that have worked on patients here have not been controlled. These are therefore not the highest level or ‘gold standard’ evidence. To get that, you have to run a much more controlled trial – so that some people are given a medical procedure, others are given a ‘dummy’. So that scientists can understand that the results of the treatment that are being found – it is due to the application of that particular method.

It is true, however, that observational surveys suggest that some groups of people are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency and to develop colic. Such as – those older people, those who have become obese, or people of black or South Asian descent whose skin color is relatively black or brown.

But whether coronavirus infection has anything to do with vitamin D deficiency can only be determined after proper research. A similar study is currently being conducted at Queen Mary University of London.

Source: BBC


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