Import and export through Benapole land port stopped for two days


Import and export trade is closed for two days at the Indian port of Petrapole through the country’s largest Benapole land port on Hela Boishakh and weekly holidays. However, special arrangements will be made subject to passport-carrying passenger travel between the two countries subject to conditions.

Sajedur Rahman, secretary of the Benapole C&F Staff Association, confirmed the closure of trade and said there would be no import-export on the route on the occasion of the first Baishakh on April 14.

Although the activities resumed on April 15, the import-export activities between Benapole and the Indian port of Petrapole will be closed on April 16 during the weekly holiday.

He also said that commercial activities would resume as usual from Saturday morning, April 16. Kartik Chandra, secretary of the C&F Staff Association of India’s Petrapole Port, said Indian businessmen celebrate the New Year on the first of Boishakh every year.

On this day, the transport of goods is closed in the port for holidays. The matter has been informed through letters to Bangladeshi businessmen.

Benapole Immigration OC Ahsan Habib said that even though the import-export activities were closed during the government and weekly holidays, the movement of passport holders between the two countries would remain normal.


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