Top officials of Bangladesh Bank are also involved in irregularities


The banking sector of the country is plagued by debt fraud, money laundering and various irregularities. However, the role of the central bank in preventing these irregularities is not very noticeable. In such a situation, there are various allegations against the officials of Bangladesh Bank who are in charge of supervising the country’s banks and financial institutions.

The High Court has expressed displeasure over the actions of Bangladesh Bank officials at different times. SK Sur Chowdhury, former deputy governor of the central bank and former general manager and current executive director Md. Against five officers including Shah Alam.

Bangladesh Bank has set up a high-level inquiry committee in early February to look into the allegations and other non-bank financial sector officials who have been involved in various irregularities at various times.

Bangladesh Bank Executive Director and spokesman confirmed the formation of the investigation committee. Sirajul Islam told reporters at the time that a five-member inquiry committee headed by Deputy Governor AKM Sajedur Rahman Khan had been formed to verify the allegation of bribery against a central bank official.

It is learned that from the officer to the DGM, GM, executive director, deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank, they are helping to embezzle money from various companies.

Just as there are allegations against former Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank SK Sur Chowdhury for giving benefits to various companies, there are also allegations against the current Deputy Governor Kazi Saidur Rahman. He is the most criticized person in Bangladesh Bank’s foreign exchange reserve scandal.

Despite his involvement in loan scams and money laundering, Kazi Saidur Rahman’s reckless retaliatory behavior in the post of deputy governor has raised questions about the bank’s clean-up drive.

They complained that this level has increased since he became the deputy governor. He is directly directing to provide more loans including interest waiver to all the controversial institutions including Thermex. He has also formed several syndicates in public-private banks to take personal advantage.

It is learned that Kazi Saidur Rahman was the General Manager (GM) of the Forex Reserve and Treasury Management Department of Bangladesh Bank from 1999 to 2016.

He has been in charge of that department for 16 consecutive years. At that time, the banking sector people think that Kazi Saidur Rahman was complicit in every incident of money laundering abroad. Later, in May 2016, he was transferred to the Rangpur office of Bangladesh Bank in the face of criticism as punishment for the theft of reserves in 2016. Later in 2019, he returned to the same department after abusing his power.

He was appointed as the deputy governor on November 22. After three months, the people associated with the board of directors of public and private banks have directly interfered in the recruitment and promotion of every public and private bank.

He is also the General Manager of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, ICB Islami Bank Limited, National Bank Limited, and the executive directors of the state-owned Janata Bank, Agrani Bank, and Sonali Bank Limited. Saidur Rahman.

Besides, the people who could not give loans to Kazi Saidur Rahman’s favorite institution are being harassed by the people, Agrani and senior officials of Sonali Bank by abusing their power, said the superiors of those banks. Deputy Governor Kazi Saidur Rahman has already informed the concerned people of the Ministry of Finance including the Governor of the Central Bank and the Financial Institutions Department about these irregularities.

Abdul Qadir Mollah, managing director of Thermex Group, and Kazi Saidur Rahman, deputy governor, have put the banking sector in jeopardy over the past few years. Which was the focus of discussion in the banking sector.

It is learned that Abdul Qadir Mollah’s institutions have loans of Rs 600 crore from state-owned Agrani Bank and Rs 350 crore from Rupali Bank. The amount of this loan is constantly increasing due to the non-payment of loan installments. Agrani Bank has given Rs 57 crore to Thermex as an incentive.

Several directors of Agrani Bank said on condition of anonymity that they had intervened directly from the board of directors of Agrani Bank at that time to pay for the incentive.

Although legal action has been taken against several people, including the former deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank SK Shur, in several cases including theft of reserves, the current deputy governor, Kazi Saidur Rahman, who is in charge of the incumbent, has called for an investigation, Transparency International of Bangladesh said.


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